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We develop websites for web and mobile applications, with particular attention to security and design

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Analysis of brand strategy and visual communication

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We develop complex applications and services for your business infrastructure



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Development environments customized

Our projects are made in development environments tested and performing, chosen in advance according to your needs.



  • Web e mobile

    The web is the best way to get better results from their business.
    The development of a web or mobile application for your business is one of the most important points to take care of.

  • Design e brand strategy

    A brand is very important to get to know in the best way.
    We take care of the strategy to follow and carry out studies on brand and design more in line with the company mission.

  • Software development

    We spend our competences in order the development of specific software, management software, including web-based applications.
    Analysis, design, development, testing, release and post-release: nothing is left to chance.

  • Mobile Application

    The potential of mobile internet allow the company to have a better interaction with the end user.
    The development of a mobile application offers a powerful tool for client loyalty.


Some of our Customer

Projects in development

Behiker social trekking

This idea comes from the passion for the mountains and walking outdoors. The project is under development. It has the purpose to create a community of hikers and nature lovers.

Originally thought of as map of trails of mountain massif of Majella the main aim is to remodel system into something more interactive and social to create a network of hikers, nature lovers and shelters (or other accommodation mountain) as points of support the routes of the community.

For the experienced hiker

The experienced trekker will have a number of useful tools for planning the trip to the last detail: tracks, POIs, GPS data.

For the nature lover

Tourists will have a useful tool for his walks to discover uncontaminated places and travel virtually to the mountains.

For shelters

A special role will have the mountain shelters, which will be involved as support points for hikers.

The community and the tools

It is provided and a web-based application and a mobile version to manage their mountain routes, tracks, and the community.

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